Freshman Student Senate candidate statements


After the November 14 primary, the remaining candidates for Freshman senate were invited to make statements to their classmates about what kind of leader they will be. Here are their statements in order of their response to the request. We will continue to add new statements as they come in. Freshmen can vote in the final election on November 16. 

William Moore

I am honored to have made it past the primary elections. I am running for Student Senate because I have always been interested in government and I believe I am the right fit to lead our class. As a student representative, I plan on acting as a role model for my class and further classes to come.

Noah Zebrak

As a freshman Student Senate representative I plan to do what’s best for the students and to make this year full of fun. I ran for the Student Senate because I wanted to be involved in something other than sports. I also think I am a good person to represent the freshman class.

Nick Velotta

The motivation to my running for student senate is based mainly off of a leadership opportunity that presents itself like no other. I feel like one of the gifts I have received from God is leadership, and Student Senate seems like the perfect setting to develop these skills. I will bring hard work and effort to the Senate. The opportunity to help the students of Saint Ignatius along with students elsewhere is special because I get to do the behind the scenes work of making people happy and that ultimately makes me happy. The doors opened up by Student Senate are greatly beneficial and I plan on using what I learn to help others and myself in the future.

Kenneth Klubnik

Hello, my name is Kenneth Klubnik, I am running as your freshmen class representative to bring a greater good to our fellow freshmen. I want the best for them and I feel like I can make that happen through Student Senate. Vote Klubnik!

Zach Toothman

Hello Class of 2021! My name is Zach Toothman and I’m running for Freshman Class Representative. I promise I will work hard to tackle the issues most important to you, so you don’t have to! I will make sure your voices are heard in our student senate. I would like to create an online form for those interested in voicing their opinions on top of always being accessible by e-mail. Some of my qualifications included 5 years of government experience (Student Council President, Student Council Representative), captain of my club swim team, great listener, and motivator. You’re probably asking what does this mean for you? It means that while I do have experience in leadership positions, I also know that being part of a team means taking the “I” away to make room for words like “us” and “we”. I will gladly listen to any concerns and will do all in my power to make things better with the help of the rest of the Student Senate. I won’t make empty promises but I can assure you that I will dedicate my energy to making this year great!

Peter Turk

I am running for Student Senate because I will be a great leader and unify the entire freshmen class. I promise that I’ll be a friend and a true representative of the entire freshmen class. I will listen and address any concerns a student may have. I will encourage other classmates to get involved and participate in various clubs, activities, and service projects for the benefit of others. I am joining not only to develop my character, but the character of every student at Saint Ignatius. Your voice will be heard!

John DiFilippo

I am running because I have always loved being in a leadership position and I think student senate is a great opportunity for me. I plan to do more service in the surrounding communty of St. Ignatius.

John Panstares

My name is John Panstares, and I am excited to run for freshman student senate. Saint Ignatius has a long tradition of service and I hope to live up to that by serving my classmates and school as a part of student senate. If elected, I would work to achieve the student senate mission, “To labor and not to ask for reward”. In other words, aid others whether they are affiliated with Saint Ignatius High School or not. I will work effectively with our leadership team on organized events and service projects. I will do my best to help the Saint Ignatius community, as well as the community surrounding our school, live up to its fullest potential.

Henry Raynor

I am running for freshman Student Senate Representative because I want to ensure the best interests of the Class of 2021 are represented. I plan to be the advocate for the men of my class and all aspects of student life and our community.

John Tuma

My fellow Wildcats, my name is John Tuma and I am one of the ten students left in the running to become one of your freshman senators. I appreciate each of you who voted to get me here and I encourage you to vote again in the final election. For those of you who might have supported someone else, I hope to earn your support this time around. The reason I want to be a part of Student Senate this year is to attempt to make our school experience the best that it can possibly be, while also becoming more involved in our community. I have the experience needed for this important position as I was elected into a leadership position on student council at my grade school last year. Based on this experience, I know how to lead, solve problems, and introduce new ideas. I intend to give the freshman class a voice to ensure that your needs are met and I intend to listen to your input. Some potential fun items to come might include a freshman talkshow on SIBN and a Freshman Comedy Night, which would let our class comedians shine while we all have some laughs. Remember, to make this a great year, the choice is clear! Vote Tuma for Student Senate! Go Cats!