Delecats bring home awards from MHSMUNII

From right: Kyle McNamara, Brendan Oliss, John Zix, Patrick Condon, Gabe Oliss, Sanat Subhash, Mike Chopra, And Me Ray Yeh

By Raymond Yeh ’21

On Saturday Oct. 14th seven Ignatius DeleCats celebrated the official closing of Mentor High School’s Model United Nations Crisis Conference (MHSMUNII). For Mentor, this was their second time hosting this event. Starting on Friday Oct. 13 at 9 am this conference lasted until 3 pm Saturday. The two days were filled with action packed, non-stop chaos featuring just about everything from martyrdom, to Rex Tillerson being arrested, to Taiwan declaring autonomy from the People’s Republic of China. Beside the fact that some countries may or may not have launched their entire nuclear arsenal (to clarify, they definitely did), the world remained largely at peace.

My personal experience is accounted below:
The day in the Taiwan cabinet began somewhat slowly. We discussed how Taiwan would break free from the grip of chinese oppression. As minister of national defence I stated, “The minister of national defence believes that it is in the best interest of the Taiwanese people to begin a large scale recruitment campaign to add to the might of Taiwan’s growing military force as well as increasing trade of artillery and armoured divisions between Taiwan and the U.S.” This statement became the first directive of the day.

Shortly after we signed off on the directive the first “crisis” dropped, the DPRK (N. Korea) had arrested a U.S. officer with “espionage gear”. I used my power to apply surveillance to “spy” on the DPRK and fellow DeleCat Sanat Subash. They spoke about how this officer had a blatant disregard for DPRK’s national sovereignty, the DPRK would consider capital punishment, and they would disclose as little information as possible. We (the Taiwan cabinet) put this information out in a press release.

We moved on to discuss what action needs to be taken to prevent chinese encroachment on Taiwan land claims. I also headed this directive that increased our military presence in the outlier islands of our territory. Mere moments after we put the directive up, another crisis dropped. There was a Chinese aircraft carrier found in Taiwanese waters. The minister of national defence stated quickly that as this aircraft carrier poses an imminent threat to the Taiwanese home front we must take immediate action.

Before we could draft a directive, a chinese cabinet member storms into our room and forcefully slams a note on our chair’s desk demanding a summit meeting between taiwan and china. We then replied that we would be happy to send me and our minister of foreign affairs, Emily Fuerst from Chardon, an offer to which they declined.

Later during lunch I asked John Zix, a fellow delecat, why to which he answered that since China did not recognize us they would not meet with our ministers as that would mean that they recognized us as a nation. After our lunch break, the next news story was dropped. “Due to a new Chinese Embargo, a Taiwanese tanker headed for Japan was stopped, searched and Chinese officials found a note stating that the Premier of Taiwan wants to declare independence (not true). We had to assert that this was “fake news” and that the Chinese planted this note. This took up most of the second session.

At the end of the first day another story dropped that the Taiwanese Premier’s father died in a mysterious incident. The crisis committees picked back up on saturday when we learned that someone *cough cough DPRK cough cough* launched an EMP at Taiwan at the end of friday. So the first hour of saturday was in darkness without the ability to get press releases or crisis drops. Thanks to our foreign affairs minister and good old pen and paper passed some directives and passed some notes and got some information. It turned out that DPRK tried and executed the officer captured on the previous day. A DPRK jet was unresponsive and flying toward the philippines, China was building an island around Taiwan, and in a mess up at the China Taiwan summit a Chinese minister called Taiwan an independent nation… this minister was “assassinated.”

The philippines launched a rocket at DPRK which landed in the ocean and it was presumed to be provided by the Russian Federation. Also China sunk a Taiwanese merchant vessel with all hands. We made a directive to put destroyers on patrol of our waters. After this directive happened, another crisis dropped. U.S. ships supporting Taiwan defence forces shot down a chinese jet. The pilot was currently missing. We passed directives to send some spare assets to find the pilot. Another news drop the pilot confirmed dead. The chinese published a video stating that they had the pilot (propaganda).

More news, A South Korean soldier broke rank on the DMZ and opened fire on his DPRK counterparts. Multiple counties put out press releases condemning the actions of this soldier. A few moments later a press release from south korea states that they are ending the ceasefire and mobilizing troops toward DPRK. Our cabinet was flipping out about this and we decided we needed to meet with the U.S. but we breaked for lunch.

Once again after lunch there was much talk and we decided to issue in a press release the Writs of Taipei our little pet project. In it we stated that we are and always have been an independent nation, and Xi Jinping must cede all of his land claims in our area to us. I met with the U.S. in a summit and they backed us with unconditional support because of the loss of our merchant vessel however when I offered to initiate a tactical strike on DPRK artillery guns on the DMZ, Rex Tillerson said no and Gen. Mattis said that “we [the U.S.] do not want to be the aggressors and will not support the aggressors,” and then China launched a JH-7 bomber headed toward Taiwan. We ended up shooting it down and then we coordinated a tactical strike with south korea and using my power to order a tactical strike we successfully eliminated the artillery guns and south korea carpet bombed Pyongyang. Japan launched an EMP on China and the World became pretty hectic. Our minister of justice in the end executed me.

In the end Patrick Condon won Delegates choice and Best Delegate. Gabe Oliss won Honorable Mention. Brendan Oliss won the “lion award” for a resolution that was unanimously passed that acknowledged that lions are people too and that countries must use lions and only lions in combat. And I (unannounced) won the Best Martyr award for my “martyrdom.”