President Nathan Abdelnour and Vice President Christian Seybert take the reins for the Student Senate



The Montessori movement is sweeping Student Senate. Nathan Abdelnour and Christian Seybert, Ruffing Montessori alumni, are the new face of our student government. The duo plans to spice up the school with some fresh, exciting ideas.

The first sports rally that the school had this year was regarded as the best by a multitude of the students due to the new student section ideas and humorous interviews conducted by Chris Bishop ‘18. These were part of their plans to cater more to the student body and to make the student section “great again.” Another part of their plan is to streamline tailgates, entrusting this operation to Senior Class President Chris Larsen and the newly dubbed student section leaders.

Spirit is good to have, but it is not of the utmost importance. Nathan and Christian are both actively involved in service around the school. They are revolutionizing the annual Patel Toy Drive. When there is a surplus of toys, the school holds onto them until next year’s drive. Due to this, all the donations are not getting used for their intended purpose and the pair plans on changing that. They plan to distribute the extra toys to local hospitals near Christmas to brighten a child in need’s day. They desire for this heartfelt gesture to become tradition for the slate that succeeds them.

One major change the pair plans to implement is a loyalty system in the cafeteria. This is a challenge, because they need to devise a plan that benefits the students as well as the cafeteria, but President Abdelnour emphatically states, “We are up for the challenge.”

This determination that the duo boasts about was on full display last weekend for Homecoming. The dance was, by far, the most attended homecoming in school history with over 2,000 people in attendance. This recent success along with their adventurous ideas marks the beginning of what could be an extremely successful year as President and Vice President.