Student Senate sponsors the most highly attended dance in school history



This year’s homecoming was the most attended in Saint Ignatius’ history, with 1,051 students attending dance, totaling to over 2,100 people. With the help of Student Senate, the halls and gyms of Ignatius traveled back in time, as posters of the decades going back to the 50’s lined the hallways with giant peace symbols and other pictures. The DJ played a variation of songs from time periods and languages, ranging from the beloved “September” by Earth Wind and Fire, to the ecstatic “Heads will Roll” by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

The highlight of the night, no doubt, was the assortment of students’ outfits. From cheetah print, suede, seersucker, poker theme, corduroy, jazz print, and plaid, the dance saw it all. As students entered the gym, however, these blazers were thrown to the side, and the dance begun. Students attempted to impress their dates as they hit the nae nae and them folks.

Mitchell’s Ice Cream gave students the option to take a break and buy a sweet treat in order to re-energize their blood flow before getting back to busting moves on the dance floor. In addition, the inflatable jousting was a literal smash hit, as Gabe Oliss ‘18 broke his nose.

Overall, besides one casualty, the 2017 homecoming dance was a successful night to remember and one for the history books.