Letter to the Editor: Kudos to Siereptowski


My name is Terence Hayes, and I am a 1954 graduate of Saint Ignatius High School. I am a retired teacher, and I taught English for most of my career. However, I was certified in American History and Government, and I did teach a few courses in those subjects at Aviation High School (Cleveland).

I read your essay in The Eye when I attended the mass for deceased alumni on November 6, 2016. I picked up a copy in the Rade Dining Hall.

I am so very much impressed by your writing, and I am thrilled that a young person would be so knowledgeable about this election and about our system of government. You have had some terrific teachers along the path of your education. They taught you well the foundations upon which our country was founded and upon which we live to this day. The most important part was that you learned these truths and can so eloquently express them.

I am thrilled to see such good writing and logic and historical knowledge. It has taken me years and much study to arrive at the place you attained as a high school student. Again, my congratulations on a brilliant essay. “The pen is mightier than the sword” is an old addage. It applies to all good writers and you are one of them. Thanks for a great piece or writing.

Terence P. Hayes ‘54

The above letter was written in response to Joseph Siereptowski’s essay in the November issue of The Eye.