CAT CORNER: Get Involved with One of the Many C.A.T. Programs



Every week the Saint Ignatius community partakes in a mission collection in which students and faculty give a few dollars in order to support a charity or project. These charities and projects range from giving money to the West Side Catholic Center to raising money to put a roof on a school in Liberia.

However, giving the money is only the half of it. This money needs to be emptied out of mission collection envelopes, counted, and then sent of to whatever charity or project the Saint Ignatius Community is donating to that week.

The team that tackles this job of counting, collecting, and shipping the money is the Saint Francis Xavier Mission Collection team.

This C.A.T. team, lead by Ms. Scaravelli and John typically meets after school on Mondays. It’s one of the easier C.A.T. clubs to join and is not a huge commitment and as Mr. Strauss said, “Intense algebra skills are not required“. If you are interested in this club or talk to Ms. Scaravelli at the Thursday C.A.T. meetings.