CYO Power Rankings for the week of January 24, 2016

by Chris Larsen ’18

1216ers (10-0) up 3

The squadron of class-leading juniors representing the 216ers this season. Photo Credit: Adam Shibley ‘17

The ‘6ers have been dominant all season, but they have really been tearing it up as of late. They put up 82 and 92 in back to back games, and also won the IWA tournament in an all-senior division. This team might be all juniors, but they could very well already be the best team in the state.

2St. Paschal (4-1) no change

Photo Credit: Nick Ferritto ‘17

St. Paschal, coming off a huge win over former #1 St. Greg, has solidified their title aspirations. If they can pull off another big win this Saturday against league-leading St. Albert, the Knights could challenge the 216ers for the volatile #1 spot.

3St. Greg (5-4) down 2

Despite losing back to back games to the top two teams in the loaded State-White division, the Jaguars have not been blown out in any sense of the term. Losing by a combined 8 points in three games, St. Greg should not be worried about these losses. They still are a dangerous team that can compete for, and win, a state championship.

4Gesu Bulldogs (4-3) down 1

The Bulldogs have shown that they will have no trouble with the weaker portion of their schedule, beating a 2-3 NDCL team by 30. Even though they lost twice to St. Greg, the Bulldogs still are a formidable team in the State-White division.

5Sts. Joseph and John (3-2) no change

Despite losing by 20 to the top team in their division this past week, the Vikings are still in contention for a State-Red title. Their game against the #1 216ers on Sunday could make or break their season.

6St. Mary of the Falls (8-5) up 2

Jared Yant is Jared Yant, but the rest of the ‘Bolts have been pulling their weight as well. After going 3-1 in the Ohio Nets tournament and winning 3 in a row over the past weeks, the Thunderbolts have proven they are not a one trick pony. Expect another unbelievable performance Jared “the Magic Johnson of CYO” Yant and the rest of the ‘Bolts as they look to avenge their only loss in league play on Saturday.

7St. Mark (2-2) up 4

The Lions have found their stride, winning 2 in a row after losing 2 in a row. If St. Mark can keep up their current form, they should be able to contest for the division title.

8OLA (3-2) down 1

Photo Credit: Caleb Geiger ‘17

After winning a close game last Saturday, the Cougars suffered a 20 point setback the following day. This can be attributed to having to play back to back games, which happens to every team once a season. The Cougars face the bottom three of the division in their next three games, which should give them momentum leading into the City Tournament.

9Gesu Jazz (2-3) down 3

After losing in back to back weeks, the Jazz need to find something that will turn their season around. They have the talent to win the rest of their league games, and should they do that, they could still manage to get a good position for the Local Tournament.

10St. Albert (2-2) no change

Ignatius students, from left: Liam Jenkins, Andrew Zawie, Matt Szubski, Will Cotton, and Alex Ray. Photo Credit: Andrew Zawie ‘16

After a “loss” that was really a forfeiture, the Mustangs are back in their groove; They beat SVSM 49-45 this past weekend. Despite being at .500, they are only a half game out of first place. Winning the division is still a very real possibility for the ‘Stangs.

11Holy Family (3-2) down 2

The Centurions are coming off of a low scoring 36-27 loss to St. Bridget of Kildare. The season is not lost, however, as St. Bridget is the #3 team in the division. Holy Family is still a talented squad that has a great opportunity to shake up the rankings with a matchup against the top team in the Local-Orange division on Saturday.

12St. Joseph (2-3) no change

After coming off of one of the worst losses in CYO history, the Vikings look to be back to their old ways, winning 57-43 over St. Brendan. If they can manage to beat the top team in their division this weekend, it could spur the ‘Vikes to a division title.

13St. Bernadette (0-5) no change

The Bulldogs almost got their first win of the season this past weekend, losing by only two to St. Angela. There is one bright spot, however, for this seemingly bleak season for St. Bernadette: Alex Hornung. In an exclusive interview, he said that he is “some kind of mixture between Spud Webb and Larry Bird. I have insane hops which nobody thinks I should be able to have and I can shoot the lights out.” He is the only player, according to himself, that can hang with Jared Yant in the MVP race. Hopefully he can be a catalyst to start moving the Bulldogs towards .500.