Snowmen save stranded residents


by Gabe Mielke ’16

A potential snowday. Students complaining about having school. Meanwhile a hardened corps of service oriented students takes to the streets wielding snow shovels and industrial strength rock salt. The legendary Snowmen For Others.

No. Despite the name, the Snowmen For Others do not build snowmen complete with corncob pipes, button noses, and eyes made out of coal for the Ohio City neighborhood. Believe it or not, they do something even better.

Answering the call of the red flag hanging outside of Loyola Hall, the Snowmen venture out into Ohio City to shovel the driveways and sidewalks of those neighbors who cannot do it themselves. This Arrupe service initiative offers a unique opportunity for doing the work of Christ in an immensely enjoyable way.

Thus, I spent a measly hour with these larger than life men for others, participating in their holy endeavor. We started off on the second floor of the Arrupe House dividing ourselves into groups to embark on separate routes around the neighborhood. My group consisted entirely of juniors: Brendan Sims, Yusuf AbdoulKarim, Ani Ting Ting, and of course, myself. After a short briefing we set out with our shovels upon our shoulders and our hearts full of passion to serve. On our way to the first stop we halted to help push a small hybrid car out of the snow, the long-haired, bearded driver thanked us by saying, “Thanks guys, that was super far out of you.”

We then proceeded to clear snow from various driveways, front porches, and sidewalks for the benefit of those Ohio City neighbors who, for one reason or another, cannot do it themselves. Mind you that while this may sound like challenging work (“Shoveling snow is hard!” “It’s cold outside.” *insert more juvenile whining here*), time goes by incredibly quickly because the driveways and sidewalks of Ohio City are significantly smaller than the suburban equivalents. Most importantly you are working with a team of other guys and having way more fun than any sane person should shoveling snow.

Therefore I implore you, I beg you, I cordially invite you; answer the noble clarion call of the red flag and spend one measly hour after school shoveling snow For the Greater Glory of God. I did, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.