Anthony Casola ‘17 discovers he has a hidden talent for art

by Brad Horton ‘15

The colors were vibrant yet not overwhelming and even tiny details like hair follicles and the spots of light on the eyes were easily seen and extremely accurate. Certainly someone with a talent for drawing and ability to express himself in a unique way had created this piece of art.

Anthony Casola ’17 began to take Beginning Drawing this year as an incoming freshmen without having ever been interested in art during grade school. Coming to Saint Ignatius, he got involved with the freshmen football team but did not yet involve himself with anything artistic. He had never drawn, painted, or even sketched doodles in his free time.

Now, he is showing real promise as an artistic student with his self-portrait project. The project involves a student rendering a picture of himself in a unique way and using complementary colors to learn how to draw faces with a saturated, realistic depiction. “I am doing a portrait of different shades…on the face and upper body”, Anthony explains, proudly exclaiming how it’s “very unique”, evoking a “happy feeling”.

Ms. Burrows expresses similar sentiments. “He (Anthony) represents the young artistic talent in our Saint Ignatius community. Watching him discover and grow this talent in class has been awesome,” Ms. Burrows proudly states.

Anthony has stated how in the future he would like to work on different light tones, drawing the face, lines, and portraits. He looks forward to taking more art classes at Ignatius. “I would say that my artwork would show that I’m an outgoing person and express myself in ways others may not”, Anthony concluded.

Mrs. Burrow concludes, “I am looking forward to seeing Anthony, along with many other freshmen in the Visual Arts class, truly develop their portfolios and creativity throughout their high school careers.”