Student Senate Statement: Paul Haddad and Joe Mazhuvanchery

by Jack Cotton '14

In order to help the student body make an informed choice, The Eye offered the two final candidate slate a space to make a statement about their ticket. What follows is Paul Haddad and Joe Mazhuvanchery’s unedited statement. 

Men of Ignatius,

I am running to be your student body president for a special reason; TO MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD! Carlos ‘El Presidente’ did a fantastic job and set a very high bar, but let’s go even higher.

My vice-presidential running mate is Joe Mazhuvanchery. Together we have 4 years of service on the Student Senate. We are taking this campaign very seriously because we know that we can ensure all of you, our brothers, a year of high school that will be cherished forever.

Now, we can’t promise homecoming or winter formal themes, but as I said in my speech – they WILL be off the chain! Students have already suggested ideas such as LED laser beams and fog lights. These are just the little stuff to us, so imagine what the big things are that we have in stock for you!

This year our student section was amazing! However, we plan on making a few additions. First, let’s get the student section even rowdier! Second, let’s give a lot more attention and recognition to the arts. What about the students that participate in speech, debate, Science Olympiad, JCWA, and other academic related activities our school offers? I firmly believe we must stand up and show the world that St. Ignatius is not only a football powerhouse, but also a place where young men can grow and thrive in all aspects of life; Mentally, Physically, and Spiritually. Academics are important, but it is also important for people to find their calling in life and be recognized for the hard work they do, just as our athletes work hard to reach their accomplishments. We are one united student body.

We want to be the voice of the little man. We want every student at Wildcat High to feel that they contributed to this prestigious establishment. That is all.

But wait, there’s more. Suggestion boxes will be placed throughout the campus if we are elected. You can write a note to us with ANY suggestion you have for OUR alma mater. As always, you can e-mail, Facebook message, Snapchat, or tweet us.

Men, we are willing to do the work for you. Our ambition is on another level. We are striving for history to be made in the 2013-2014 school year! The amount of will-power we have to make the next school year epic is incomparable and we genuinely mean that.

Therefore, cast your vote with confidence and vote for Paul Haddad & Joe Mazhuvanchery. You want it, we got it.


Paul Haddad & Joe Mazhuvanchery

photo by Jack Cotton ’14