QR codes bring change to cafeteria

Alex LaRocca '13 reads the new nutritional info provided by the cafeteria.

Looking for a reason to have your phone out during school? Your prayers may have been answered with QR codes in the cafeteria. When scanned, these codes will provide the consumer with essential nutrient information such as the trans-fat, sodium, sugar, protein, and much more. This breakthrough in healthy eating was actually the brain child of none other than our own Jacob Lameir ’13.

Jacob was diagnosed with type-b diabetes on August 1st 2012. When he returned to school this fall, he found that the lunch program had no nutrition analysis sheets. Jacob then partnered up with Brandon Martin’13, also a diabetic, and the men set to their task of setting up a nutrition analysis chart for the school cafeteria. They met with Mr. Bradesca and got the go ahead to implement their plan of using QR codes to contain nutritional information.

With the help of Mr. Jarc and Ms. Stires, the guys learned how to make QR codes and the rules behind them. The task is described as time consuming but not difficult by Jacob. Every piece of information that corresponds to a QR code must be right because a QR code can’t be changed once it is created. The guys have been working very diligently and hope to have all of their codes up in the cafeteria before the semester ends. There will be a binder with the information in it for those who don’t have a smart phone. The guys also hope for the creation of a cafeteria Haiku page with more information on healthy eating.

Jacob says it’s about \”knowing the change inside you”