The Lords of Discipline: Hennessey and Franzinger enjoying new roles

Eye Staff Reporter

Batman and Robin. Starsky and Hutch.  Joining these famous partners in crime fighting is a new duo, more dyanmic and fearsome than the rest:  Hennessey and Franzinger.   In June of 2010, Mr. Rory Hennessey was announced as the new Dean of Students, taking over for Mr. Larry Arthur, who held the position from 2005-2010.  Arthur has returned to full time teaching duties.  This is Hennessey’s second stint as the disciplinary dean.   He served as Dean of Students from 1992 to 2005.   Joining Hennessey in the Deans Office is Assistant Dean of Students Mr. Ryan Franzinger ’04.   Franziger is no stranger to the Ignatius campus either.  He has served as an assistant football coach since 2008.     Together, Hennessey and Franziger are now on the lookout for miscreants, troublemakers and loitering students.

Hennessey summed up the team’s approach to discipline. “Regardless of situation, we love the sinner, but hate the sin,” Hennessey remarked. For those who sin, be aware that Mr. Hennessey and Mr. Franzinger are on patrol.  “We’re ubiquitous,” Hennessey wryly remarked before making his morning rounds, clipboard in hand.

Students may wonder what items are on top of Mr. Hennessey and Mr. Franzinger’s agenda in the 2010 school year. “Dress code, dress code, dress code,”  Hennessey says. “Shoes, hair and un-tucked shirts. We’re really stressing the dress code. How you look and how you dress makes a difference. We’re trying to get back to AMDG.”

Franzinger agrees.  “I really hate to see the privilege of going to this school being abused.”

As the school year gets underway, Hennessey and Franzinger are setting the tone and have already made an impression on the student body.  And they seem to enjoy doing it.  “I have the second-best job on campus,” Franzinger joked.  “If you want to know who has the best job, ask Mr. Hennessey.”

So what does Mr. Hennessey have to tell the students? “When we come after you,” Hennessey says, “it’s not that we hate you, it’s because we care for you.” •