Retreats Challenge Students, Offer a Chance for Reflection

Opportunities for spiritual growth abound for  Iggy  upperclassmen

One of the many opportunities offered by St. Ignatius for its students is the chance to participate in one of nearly a dozen retreat experiences.     While many Catholic high schools require participation in an annual retreat, St. Ignatius’ retreat program is unique in its size and scope.    Juniors are required to select from one of four overnight retreat options as part of their graduation requirement;  seniors may opt to take part in a second retreat.

But retreats are more than just a graduation requirement or a chance to miss class for a few days.    For many Ignatians,  their junior/senior retreat is the highlight of their Ignatius experience.   This month, juniors and seniors made their selections for fall and spring retreats.  Here’s a sampling of the experiences students had to choose from:

Kairos.    The granddaddy of the Ignatius retreat program, Kairos (Greek for \”The Lord’s Time”